"One day, the Flag of Peace and Freedom will fly over all the Nations of the World!"
The Man &
The Elephant

Flag of Peace
and Freedom
Press Release - January 1, 2008


January 2008 


 Dan Koffman’s Flag of Peace and Freedom Project, founded in 1988, is making a shift in focus twenty years later. In 2008, the message is being directed to “the people” in his Golden Rule Activist campaign.

 Here’s the key question as he sees it: How would it be possible to get almost everybody in “agreement” about anything today?

 “I believe that creating a simple, (almost) impossible for people to disagree with message is the only way. This message must be all-inclusive and leave little room for disagreement. That accomplished, the message would have a chance of aligning people toward simple common action and the awareness that “we’re all in this together”. It is in this spirit that I created and present The Golden Rule Declaration.”

 “I believe that (most) people want to do, and are capable of doing, the right thing”, Koffman says.

 A long shot? Perhaps. But it seems pretty clear that something needs to be done to impact the world in a positive way . . . and the sooner the better!

 We can’t any longer wait for the “powers that be” of the world to make things better for us.  We, the People, have the power, individually and together, to create a better world. Every one of us, everyday, in small and meaningful ways, can have a huge, positive impact when we come truthfully from our hearts, our minds and especially our actions.

 “The Golden Rule belongs to each and every one of us. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” This simple message (that we all, in one form or another, have been taught and know) forms the basis of every religion in our world and includes those who are not religious but who believe in fair play.”

 “I can’t help, therefore, but feel as if I am addressing at least 99% of the planet with this message.”

 “If, after reading The Golden Rule Declaration, you find yourself in agreement with its message, I ask you to become a signatory and declare that you will do your best to present the Golden Rule in your daily life and, in this way, make the world a better place.”

 “I say do your best because isn’t that all, really, that anyone can ask.  We’re human . . . not without flaws, not perfect. But if each of us, everyday, tries to do our best, we can and will make an important, positive difference in our world.”

 “If you’re like me, reminders are a good thing. That’s why I offer the Golden Rule Activist wristband. I’ve found that this simple, subtle reminder helps me do the right thing. It could work for you, too. “Wear the Band, Share the Bond.”

 If I could, I would ask everyone to read and sign this Declaration.

 And then I would ask everyone to share it with their family and friends.

And then I would ask everyone . . . everyday . . . in some small way . . . to present the Golden Rule in their daily lives.

And “everyone” starts with  me . . . with you.

Be a Golden Rule Activist in your heart, in your mind and especially in your actions!

 Visit www.GoldenRuleActivist.com or click on any of the Gold Color words above.


 April 21, 2004

 On Saturday, April 17th, a man and an elephant painted for peace in downtown Monterey.

 This very odd couple has a deep connection going back to 1987, the year of Lisa’s birth in Africa and the same year that Koffman founded his international peace effort, The Flag of Peace and Freedom. Their story is chronicled in Koffman’s book, The Man and the Elephant.

 The International Day of Peace is September 21st this year. "Now, more than ever before, each of us must take responsibility and do all we can to support and further the ideals of Peace and Freedom" says Dan Koffman, founder of the Flag of Peace and Freedom Organization, "and the International Day of Peace is the perfect day for this focus.

 In 1981, the United Nations, in their resolution 36/67, declared The International Day of Peace to occur each year on September 21st. This would be a day, dedicated to children and the future, devoted to considering the ideals of Peace and Freedom.

 The Flag of Peace and Freedom was designed in 1984 and the Flag of Peace Organization founded in 1988 by artist Dan Koffman. The images on the Flag he designed depict two birds soaring as the sun pierces the gray clouds and shines down on the world. Koffman wanted to create images of Peace and Freedom that could be shared by all people, transcending words which can so often be misunderstood.

 "Imagine if, one day, Peace and Freedom were celebrated by all the People of all the Nations of the World! Imagine if the Leaders of all the Nations of the World encouraged their people to look up and realize that we all live under the same sky, are warmed by the same sun, marvel at the flight of the birds . . . that we all share the Earth and the responsibility to keep it alive for future generations. Imagine if all the People of the World shared a moment dedicated to the ideals of Peace and Freedom."

 Every year, for the past twenty years, Koffman has corresponded with the Leaders and representatives of all the Nations of the World asking that they request and fly the Flag of Peace and Freedom, sent at no charge, somewhere in their Nation’s Capital City on the International Day of Peace.

 On the International Day of Peace in recent years, the Flag of Peace has flown over the Capitals of 31 countries: Afghanistan (1989), Albania (1997), Armenia (1993), Austria (1993), The Bahamas (1994), Bangladesh (2001), Belize (2000), Brazil (2000), The Cook Islands (1993), Dominica (1994), Egypt (1999), Grenada (1991), Hungary (1998), India (2000), Jordan (1994), Kiribati (1993), Malta (1998), Morocco (1991), Nauru (1989), Nepal (2000), New Zealand (2000), The Northern Mariana Islands (1995), Peru (1999), the US. Virgin Islands (1990), The British Virgin Islands (1998), Saint Lucia (1998), South Africa (1999), Sri Lanka (1989), The United Kingdom (1999), Vanuatu (1995) and in the United States of America at Washington’s Georgetown University (1994).

 The participation of Lisa the elephant is sure to focus more attention on this unique peace effort.

 People can visit the Flag of Peace and Freedom website at <www.peaceflag.org> for more information and to easily forward e-communication to any of the listed world leaders and their representatives in support of this effort.

 The Flag of Peace and Freedom supports the efforts of all individuals and organizations who are working for Peace and Freedom.

 With the participation of many, "One day the Flag of Peace and Freedom will fly over all the Nations of the World!"


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